Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fort McMurray Wild Fire....

80,000+ people have been evacuated from the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta.  We are so very lucky that not 1 life has been lost, but many of these people have lost so much!  Their homes, their belongings, and their livelihood have all been consumed by an uncontrollable, raging fire.  This is really close to home for me.  I personally know people who are directly effected by this tragedy.

It's time for our small band of rebels to join the fight.  Let's get down into the trenches and do what we can to help blow up this Death Star!!!

This limited run (less than 100) of Trench Run Rebels patches are selling for $10 USD per patch shipped.  The proceeds from the sale of these patches will go to help the victims of the Fort McMurray fires.

Send $10 USD per patch through PayPal to - -  as a friend/family along with your shipping address to receive your patch and help these people in need.

10 dollars USD per patch 

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