Sunday, 21 July 2013

Meet Shay Tucker

(left) Shay in January, before cancer diagnosis.
(right) Shay in the midst of her cancer battle - Still smiling!  :)

  This is Shay.  Shay is 5 years old and in January of this year she was diagnosed with 'Muldulloblastoma' (brain cancer).  The tumor in her brain was successfully removed leaving only .01% of the original tumor.  Had 100% of the tumor been removed it would have caused more damage than it  already did (surgery brought on the lazy eye).

  Shay has completed radiation treatments and is currently undergoing the 2nd of 7 total sessions of chemotherapy, which will be stretched out until December.

  Fortunately a supplemental insurance through the state of California is covering the majority of the medical bills so Shay's parents Greg and Robin are in a decent place financially.

  Shay is quite the little trooper and always has a smile on her face, but is obviously battling with some rough times and long hospital stays.  I thought it would be a fantastic idea to show Shay the "power of the Force" and send her cards, letters, love, and any kind of moral support you would like.

Please send love to:

Shay Tucker
13550 Boxwood Lane
Victorville, CA  92392

Shay's dad Greg is a big Star Wars fan and told me while Shay likes Star Wars she's not super into it, cause she's really a girly girl.  I told him Star Wars is for girls too!!!  :)

Maybe we can help Shay to see the girly side of Star Wars!  :)

- Jason
Trench Run Rebels
@vintagestarwars on Instagram

Monday, 8 July 2013

New eBay Auction! Custom Lego Boba Fett cast in Silver. #Ubertwigg

For auction is a custom Boba Fett Lego figure cast in silver.


This item was donated by @awesomeava of Instagram.

This auction is to help out friend of Trench Run Rebels @ubertwigg of Instagram.  He has some personal stuff going on right now and needs some support.  If you follow him on Instagram, you know whats going on....  If not, Hey, you're bidding on an AWESOME item!  :)